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Evander Holyfield's Pricey Auctions

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How much would you pay for a 1997 Bentley that's currently owned by Evander Holyfield? OK, let's sweeten the pot a little. Not only does a "portion" of the proceeds go to The Holyfield Foundation — which is out to, uh, help poor kids or something — but you also will able to personally have Evander hand you the keys.

Meet the Champ! The winner (the highest bidder**) of this classic and pristine automobile with only 8,307 miles will be invited to meet Mr. Holyfield on his 200-acre estate property for the delivery of the vehicle. Autographed photos of Mr. Holyfield and the winner will also be taken at the time of delivery and sent to the winner.


So, how much is this car gonna cost? Oh, only ... one million dollars. Yow. The good news: You could probably take the keys and just not pay; Evander probably won't remember anyway.

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