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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

"You must wear a hat! We are in mourning for Dear Leader, so you must cover your head, and also you will catch cold. Go find your best hat; only the finest will do today. Something that screams luxury, but also power. Success and skill. Megalomania and a complete inability to feel empathy for anyone else. Do you have something that can represent all that to the camera?"


Paul Lukas at Uni Watch spotted this young man in Pyongyang during the daylong funeral for Kim Jong-Il, the George Steinbrenner of geopolitics. It's much more likely that the hat made its way to Bad Korea in one of the many aid shipments than it is that family picked it up on their last trip to the Bronx. But there's a synergy here: no practitioner of Juche would ever accept revenue sharing payouts.

[Uni Watch]

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