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Even Satan Is Saying, "Rosenhaus? Never Met Him."

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The Philadelphia Daily News brings up something we pretty much all figured was going to happen: It appears a bunch of Drew Rosenhaus' clients are seriously considering dropping him after his pretty clear botching of the Terrell Owens situation. Rosenhaus signed up most of his clients in the last two years, with the idea that he was going to change the NFL system (which, we'd have to admit, isn't exactly always kind to its players).

The best part about this is that Rosenhaus appears to have offended the one group of people who would seem unoffendable: agents.


"Some people just lose sight that it's about the client and not about them," Lepselter told the News. "Clearly that's the case here. I thought T.O. was contrite and sincere, albeit 3 to 4 days too late. But his apology was destroyed within 5 minutes by his agent's grandstanding."

A while back, we were hardly alone in suggesting that Rosenhaus might not necessarily be the most upfront guy on Earth. But he now has other agents finding him to be slime. That can't be good.

Agents Knock Drew's T.O. Show []

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