Erin Andrews has had a lot of critics over the summer (Sterger, Mike Nadel, "Chuges", Deadspin Hall Of Fame voters) all for different reasons, but in an interview with, America's sideline princess reveals that the first time she met Coach Steve Spurrier, he also wasn't about to give her an easy interview just because she's a Gator Lady all dolled-up and pretty. Andrews explains their first meeting:

The first time I saw him, I was really nervous because this is Steve Spurrier, and I remember I was the only female there at the time. I asked him a question, and he didn't even answer the question. He said, ‘What's your name?' And I said Erin. And he said, ‘Erin? We've got a lot of Aarons on our team.' And he just kept talking and not answering my question, and that's kind of how coach Spurrier is with me.

Just a few bicep rubs later and their relationship has never been better. The photo above is also courtesy of GoGamecocks. It's a good one, but it gives Andrews a ghostly, angelic look. Like, this is what Erin Andrews would look like if you'd suddenly fallen into a coma. There she is , floating right above you, imploring you to run to the light so she could be the first person to interview you before you cross over. Five Questions With Erin Andrews [] (via Extra Mustard)