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As if New Yorkers hadn't been terrorized by Knicks general manager Isiah Thomas enough, he is now cutting in front of them in DMV lines.

"I am outraged that Isiah did not have to wait along with the general public," [financial analyst] Kindler declares. We tried to contact the DMV in Peekskill but surprise! we couldn't get through to a human there. A faxed request for comment went unanswered.


It goes without saying, of course, that if the Knicks were winning, Thomas would not only be encouraged to cut in line at the DMV, but to actually have sex with the lady behind the counter. But if they keep losing, expect more stories to pop up like this. Isiah tipped me $5 on a $20 check! Isiah failed to dim his lights within the required 500-foot viewing zone. Isiah raped my daughter. It's a slippery slope in New York, we tell you.

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