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Ever Wonder Who Houston Nutt Talks To? Today's Your Lucky Day!

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It hasn't been the best 24-hour stretch for Arkansas football coach Houston Nutt. Turns out, an awfully eager Razorbacks fan sent a request for Nutt's cell phone records through the Freedom Of Information Act and, amazingly, he/she was sent back a full report.


The full report is right here. (Warning: PDF.) We're not as well-versed in the land of Houston Nutt-dom as perhaps we should be, but Loser With Socks breaks it down, detailing text messages Nutt sent to a booster who wasn't big fans of Mitch Mustain and some suspicious contact Nutt had with a female sportscaster. Because Nutt is a public employee, this all technically public information, which is making pretty much every public head coach in America lightly urinate themselves a bit today.

We can't quite make heads or tails of all this, but we certainly hope no one ever subpoenas our phone records. Call to mom ... downloading "On A Plain" ringtone ... call to mom ... 976-FURRY ... Yeah, not good.


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(UPDATE: Every Day Should Be Saturday is all over this as well, with much gusto.)

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