When Bill Sharman died on Friday, he was eulogized not as just one of two men to make the Basketball Hall of Fame as both player and coach, but as a prolific letter-writer. He sent hand-written notes to players, writers, and fans, responding to just about anyone who wrote him. Receiving a letter from an athlete can be just about the biggest thrill of a kid's life.

After posting about Sharman, we received an email from reader Spencer, sharing a letter that Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak had written him in 2003, giving advice on how to pursue an NBA front office position. That letter is below, but it got us thinking: How many of you out there have got unexpected replies from athletes you wrote to? How many of you saved those replies?

So send us any personal letter from a sports figure that you've received; we'll feature our favorites. Email them to me at barryp@deadspin.com.