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When existence itself gives you the finger.
Photo: Chuck Burton (AP)

You are not going to do a whole lot of mourning for a golfer because he narrowly missed an eagle—first of all it’s golf, and second of all, you tap in for birdie a shot later and that’s about the best anyone can realistically hope for in this awful world. But this, man, this shot, from Peter Malnati at today’s third round at Quail Hollow, seems pretty damn unfair:


Anything could knock that in. Anything! The slightest movement of the wind. Just the barest shifting of the bent grass under it. An average-sized adult jumping once roughly on the other side of the planet. Certainly a massive asteroid slamming into the side of the globe like God’s fist and wiping out all life on earth forever could do it. In order for this shot to not go in, everyone on earth had to be standing or sitting perfectly still, simultaneously, for whole seconds. I cannot be convinced otherwise.

Malnati tapped in and walked off with the dang birdie.


Staff Writer, Deadspin

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