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Every Heartwarming Draft Story Is A Commercial

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At some point yesterday, you probably read about soon-to-be-NFL-quarterback Teddy Bridgewater giving his mom a pink Cadillac, thus fulfilling a promise that he made to her when he was nine. It was a sweet story, the kind that's designed to make us all feel good about sports and moms and America. It was also essentially a commercial, orchestrated by Spike Lee's ad agency and Cadillac.

Lee and Cadillac combined to produce a short documentary about Bridgewater, the climax of which was the gifting of the new car, which Cadillac provided. From the Miami Herald:

Lee, whose advertising agency Spike DDB "is the African American agency of record for Cadillac," was approached by Cadillac to tell Bridgewater's story. He said he came to Miami two weeks ago to begin filming Bridgewater and his family.

"It was a natural fit when they heard the story of Teddy promising his mother a Cadillac when he was 9 and at the time not even knowing the significance of the color pink," Lee said. "Everything clicked and it came together very quickly, even though we didn't go home until 4 a.m. [Tuesday] because we had to edit, mix and color correct.


This is why when Bridgewater posted pictures of his mother and her new car on his Instagram page, one of them came with a caption that had the vibe of a press release. This is a feel-good story, but it's also meant to make you feel good about the Cadillac brand.

Today, draft prospect Eric Ebron proposed to his girlfriend on the roof of the Empire State Building, a romantic event which produced heartwarming blog posts like this one. Today was a big day for Ebron, but it was also a big day for Gillette:

Kill all the brands.

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