Quite a bit of scrapping went down in a recent Argentinian lower-level soccer match between Claypole and Victoriano Arenas. So much scrapping that referee Damien Rubino issued 36 red cards. One was for bad behavior during the halftime break.

By match's end, tenuous order devolved into a Thunderdome-esque disregard for authority. Fans even got involved. At 1:42 of the video, one of the players slams the gate of what appears to be a pitch-side prison. The Palace of Auburn Hills style human-cockfighting starts around 2:12.

According to 101 Great Goals' account of Claypole's 2-0 victory, the local Football Association is trying to talk some sense into Rubino because "it sets a dangerous precedent moving forward." Totally.

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(H/T Ted Williams Head)