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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Every "Tebow" Uttered On ESPN's "TebowCenter" Today

In what was either a rare act of self-awareness or a complete lack thereof on behalf of the Worldwide Leader, ESPN dedicated an entire hour of SportsCenter today to Tim Tebow, managing to mention the Denver quarterback's name no fewer than 88 times in the process—all of which were painstakingly edited together for your pleasure above.

The tally would have been more than 100, but an Ed Werder segment about "Winning The Tebow Way" was cut from the rundown to make room for the breaking news on Jerry Sandusky's arrest on new charges. ESPN still managed to squeeze in a discussion of Tebow's impact on fantasy football, a Skip Bayless debate, and a Tebow-centric Top Plays. But now that you've gotten your last big fix, ESPN, I think it's time we head to Tebowrehab.

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