Amazon Ashley is a person that we were not aware of until today. She is a 6-foot-7 dancer who is best known for touring with Miley Cyrus, but she is also known for other things. One of those things happens to be taking boobsy photos with various NBA players—mostly Blake Griffin.

That's her and Blake in the picture above, which was snapped at Beacher's Madhouse, a Hollywood club that features burlesque shows, costumed little people, and all kinds of other weird shit. It's also a good place to get your picture taken next to Amazon Ashley's breasts.

Ashley and Blake are such good buddies that she even uses a picture with him on her Tinder profile.


She's got other NBA pals, too. Like Joakim Noah:


Greg Oden:

And DeAndre Jordan:


Bonus round: here's Amazon Ashley with Tom Jones:

Amazon Ashley's Twitter and Instagram accounts are chock-full of her taking really fun photos just like these with famous and semi-famous people. She's great.