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Everybody Into The Pool!

We mentioned this last week, but it was late in the day and we think some of you might have missed it. Anyway, as we told you Friday afternoon, we've got ourselves one of them NFL Pick 'Em Pools on — is the official Web site of ESPN, the cable sports network — and we'd love for you to join.


As of this typing, we have 1,163 people in the group, but we can totally get that up to 2,000, probably lots more, easy. The much-debated rules are simple: No spreads, just straight up winners, throughout the season. No dropped weeks, so you have to pay attention. And winner is just the person with the highest number of games correct at the end.

Winner gets standard prize package: A copy of one great book, one lesser book and a free post.

So go sign up, would ya?

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