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Kurt Warner says that his trip to San Francisco wasn't a leverage ploy, but look! The Cardinals — who have been intractable for weeks — have suddenly upped their contract offer by three million bucks.


Why the 49ers would want to pay multiple millions for someone to hand off to Frank Gore is beyond me, but they flew Warner in on a private jet on Monday, drove him around in a stretch Range Rover limo, and generally engaged in other ass-kissing activities (weather permitting). This had the desired effect on the Cardinals.

In response, the Cardinals have raised their two-year contract offer from $20 million to $23 million, the NFL Network reported on Monday. Warner led the Cardinals to the Super Bowl last season, but became a free agent when he didn't re-sign with the club. Warner is apparently seeking a deal worth at least $14 million per season.


That's a good start, now let the haggling begin. Warner wants $29 million, and none of this deferred payment silliness that Manny Ramirez is having to deal with in Los Angeles.

Meanwhile, 49ers quarterback Shaun Hill, who went 5-2 as a starter at the end of last season to help head coach Mike Singletary lose the interim designation, drove himself to Taco Bell in a 2003 Hyundai Sonata.

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