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Everybody Loves Rex Ryan

The fans, the media, his players, everybody. 2010 was the year of Rex Ryan; or perhaps just a year of King Rex, long may he reign.

The media has been getting together in New York recently for their various circle jerks, with Rex playing the part of the ookie cookie. The Professional Football Writers of America voted for their annual awards, including the Horrigan award which "goes to the person whose qualities and professional style helped the media best do its job last season." Take a guess who won. And if you've ever laughed at a Ryan quote or video clip, you know it's well-deserved.


At the Sports Emmys, two shows each captured three awards. One was the Olympics, the greatest collection of athletes in the world. The other was a bunch of cameras following Rex Ryan around. Do you think Hard Knocks had especially great camerawork or audio mixing? Or do you think people just liked watching Rex do his thing? (A montage of Ryan cursing accompanied the Hard Knocks nominations, and Ryan was in attendance at the awards and received a standing O.)

This is a ton of good publicity for a man who, surprise, has a new book out. (The book doesn't mention the foot thing; we checked.) King Rex's coronation continues today with an appearance and book signing in Midtown Manhattan, and if any readers were to go and take photos or tell us about it, we wouldn't be ungrateful.

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