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Looks like when it's offseason at Penn State, it's pretty tough for the beloved JoePa to keep a firm grip on the ears of his players. Because some Nittany Lions could be in some serious trouble after a weekend altercation.

A "street confrontation" appears to have started the incident, which police say "led to the trespass and assault." A Penn State student who hosted the party told the Centre Daily Times that he denied entrance to several of the players, but then 10 or more appeared and "pushed their way in" and the assaults began. The party host, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, told the men to " 'Leave, leave, leave.' They just walked right in. They were pushing people out of the way. These guys were huge. I was being held back in the hallway by some dude who was huge."

He said "two kids" seated on stools at the bar in the apartment's main room "got the worst of it." One was struck on the head with a bottle, he said, and another got a swollen, black-and-blue eye. Another person was kicked in the head as he lay "in the fetal position" on the floor, and two others were punched in the face. He said the intrusion lasted "like three minutes" and then the intruders departed.


Honestly, we really don't see what the big deal is. If a bunch of football players can't head into a random party, start cracking skulls and drinking all the beer ... sheesh, what's the point of being a football player?

Penn State Players Involved In Fracas [The Wizard Of Odds]

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