Everybody's Getting Naked On The Internet These Days

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Taking a cue from the success of Redskins.com last season, the Philadelphia Eagles have been streaming postgame interviews with their players on their official Web site. Considering yesterday's difficult loss, you can find plenty of people with plenty to talk about.

Problem is, when you take a video camera into the locker room, you run the risk of, you know, capturing some video of some naked dudes. And that's exactly what happened in this video, featuring Sean Considine answer reporters' questions while a poor, unwitting (and unidentified) Eagle strips down behind him.

This video is Not Safe For Work, and, in fact, we're kind of surprised you clicked it anyway. Poor guy. (Well ... not that poor.)


Post-Game: Sean Considine [PhiladelphiaEagles.com] (via Philadelphia Will Do. It appears the player is Joselio Hanson.)

(UPDATE: Inevitably, they've taken it down.)