Everyone Hates Everyone In Baseball

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The Reds' ace called out the hitters. Fred Wilpon talked shit about everyone. And now Brian Fuentes is talking shit about manager Bob Geren to the media.


At its heart, it's like any closer complaining about not closing, and ruining his stats with losses instead of saves. Fuentes had come into tie games a number of times recently, even though been the ninth inning guy all season. (Closer-in-residence Andrew Bailey has yet to pitch this year, though Fuentes is certainly being paid closer money.)

"I think the games in San Francisco were some unorthodox managing," he said. "I thought it was maybe the National League thing, that maybe that had something to do with it, but tonight was pretty unbelievable."


But Fuentes has a legitimate gripe: he claims Geren never lets him know how the hell he's going to use him — like last night, when he was unexpectedly told to be ready in the seventh inning. And while it's a mystery what relievers are doing out there all game (my bet's on teenage girl sleepover games), some advance warning probably would have been nice.

Does the air need to be cleared with Geren?

"Some people might think so," Fuentes said. "At this point, I have nothing to say."

Fuentes has a couple more years with a team option left with Oakland, so they might want to squash this here and now. But if someone takes the fall, it isn't going to be Billy Beane's best friend.

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