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Everyone In California Has An Insane Donald Sterling Tape For Sale

If you enjoy listening to Donald Sterling rant incoherently, you're in for good times. Every conversation Sterling has had over the past few weeks seems to have been caught on tape, and every one of them seems to be for sale.

Today, the Daily Mail released a new recording which, aside from raising the horrifying possibility of "saucy photos" being leaked to the press, pretty much runs through the usual Sterling routine: black people are the true racists, he was just saying racist things to get laid, etc. More like it are on the way!

This weekend, for instance, a tipster, who claimed to be affiliated with a Los Angeles escort agency, dropped us a line about a recording he has for sale.

I have a 90 minute tape of Donald sterling talking about obama n the fact that he's not selling the team nor is he paying the 250m fee from nba. He also mentions names of black preachers in la that he has paid and they have dirt on them as we'll

All that news is old. What's on the rest of the tape. The true thoughts from Donald and the fact that he's on the phone trying to arrange for a black escort women is crazy. You should be first with the full story. The world will click on this link to listen...

We were somewhat interested, if only because there's some actual news value in Sterling boasting about how he's not paying his fine and bragging about how he pays black preachers to vouch for him as an upstanding, non-racist member of the community. Unfortunately, the tipster wanted $100,000 for the tape, probably 100 times what it was actually worth. Even more unfortunately, his primary sales technique involved painting a vivid picture of a drunk, horny Sterling lusting after young women.

Think about it like this. The questions asked to mr sterling was questions we knew the world would want to hear. This wasn't a baited phone call but we def didn't let the opp to ask a drunk 80 yr old that's very head strong the right questions. He's doing a lot of back pedaling n explaining because he either 1 wanted to keep his relationship with my homeboy or he was that horny that he wanted to make it right so my guy would send him some pussy.


Our tipster, and rival wiretappers, face three problems. First, nothing they can offer will substantially change anyone's understanding of events. Second, there's essentially nothing Sterling could say at this point that would actually surprise anyone. (This is a man who went on national television and talked about how Magic Johnson "had those AIDS.") Finally, by now recordings of Sterling saying insane things aren't scarce, and so they aren't valuable.

The basic dynamic here is that Sterling's lifestyle apparently revolves around having long conversations with sleazy people on the phone, and every one of these sleazy people, unsurprisingly, started recording him once they realized there was some money in doing so. This makes for a buyer's market, so you should expect lots more Sterling material to come out as these people realize their holdings are rapidly diminishing in value and desperately try to unload them. Another way to put this is that you're going to see pictures of Donald Sterling fucking, and you're going to see them soon.


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