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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

This is from yesterday at Wrigley. It's another reminder that the importance of wearing a cup when playing baseball cannot be overstated. It's also a reminder that playing catcher has its own unique set of on-the-job hazards.


Sometimes a foul ball hits you in the nuts. Sometimes Wellington Castillo's backswing clubs you in the back of the head. And sometimes you're Ryan Hanigan, human crash test dummy.

Hanigan had just come off the DL last Friday. He was not seriously injured here. Watching this, I felt like he was about to put his hand on a hot stove, bump into a door covered with wet paint, have a window fall on his hand, trip into a wedding cake, step into a bear trap, and fall off a boat. It's happened before.

[@gidget, via Next Impulse Sports]

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