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Everything's Bigger In Texas, Except The Beers

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It's a dark day for fans of the Houston Texans; you're now getting your beer in smaller cups, because you pansies have proven you can't hold your alcohol.


Domestic drafts at Reliant Stadium are now served in minuscule 20-ounce cups, instead of the 24-ouncers from last season. One observant fan realized he wasn't as drunk as he should be and did the math, which in all honesty is a better way to spend his time than actually watching preseason football:

We took an empty $7.75 beer cup home Saturday. It was $7.50 last year and when I filled it with water and poured that into one of last year's cups it came up 4 oz. short. After all that publicity about "specials" for the 'down economy' they've pulled a "bait and switch".


While the move is partially due to the NFL's new crackdown on binge drinking, it's also a tricky way for the team to boast they're not raising concessions prices during the recession.

If we'd served 24 ounces this year, the price would be higher," [Houston's VP of Communications] said. But, he added, referring to the NFL initiative, "Honestly, it was more of a responsibility decision. It wasn't a business decision. ... We as the Texans wanted to do the most responsible thing."

The most responsible thing would be to bump the serving size back up to 24 ounces after Matt Schaub inevitably goes down.

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