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Everywhere You Look, Pants Parties

We had a grand time at the Philadelphia Pants Party this weekend; it was oddly less drunken than usual — might have been the crushing heat, or perhaps just the Mamula sandwiches — but as grand as we could have hoped. We are consistently amazed by how nice everyone is at all these; we've been to four now, and we've yet to meet a single person we haven't liked. (Except for Daulerio.) And the next few months have plenty more.


As always, your one-stop source for all Pants Parties information is over at Pants Parties Announcements, but here's a rundown for those coming up.

Washington, D.C., August 4. It's Cardinals at Nationals. Sadly, we won't be at this one ourselves, but all kinds of outstanding people will.
Atlanta. August 17. Diamondbacks at Braves. We've never been to Turner Field, but we'll be there this time. Who has Jarrod Saltalamacchia fever? Email here for details.
Miami. August 31. This one's sponsored by the radio station Dan LeBatard works for, so beware. We don't think we're going to be able to make this one, but, jeez, folks, it's Miami.
Seattle. September 16. A full weekend: Mariners on Friday, Washington-Ohio State on Saturday and watching the Buzzsaw beat the Seahawks from the Pink Taco. We'll be there, though probably just hanging out at Kurt Cobain's house the whole time.
Las Vegas. October 18. Deadspin readers in Las Vegas. What could possibly go wrong?

There's also talk of a San Diego Pants Party, which would probably bring this full circle. If you want more info about any of those, or want to start your own, that site's your one-stop source. Heck, maybe someday we'll have one in Mattoon.

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