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You know, sometimes I'm amazed when there aren't good photos in the inbox. It's very disappointing. Thankfully, the fine young lads at Styles Points (we'll say via Best Pucking Bets) discovered this picture of Penguins' star Evgeni Malkin doing that thing that slimy Russians do when they have too much to drink. I have no idea when or where this photo is from. He could be 12 in it, for all I know.

Game 7 tomorrow night...

UPDATE: Anonymously submitted origins/explanations of the make-out moment: "That picture was taken at the NHL All-Star weekend this past February in Montreal. It was at The Hockey News party on the Friday night of the weekend."

UPDATED UPDATE: The members of the angry little Pensblog are all aTwitter over this thing and state that the picture is three years old and are flexing their little Penguin muscles.

Is at least 3 years old. We get it sent to us at least once a week or so.
Who ever told you it was taken in Feb is a joke.


Go Red Wings.

The ID of the lady being choked by the tongue is still in question.


Good morning. Save yourselves, it's Thursday. Sorry for the late start.