Tiny tidbits from Week 8 of the NFL season.

• We're of two minds on next week's Patriots-Colts game, for which, we apologize, we are already contributing to the endless hype you're going to be sick of by Wednesday. On one hand, it might be pleasant to see the Patriots put in their place a bit after yesterday's Exhibit R in their quest for Spurrier Hell status. On the other hand, a Patriots win might lead to column by Gregg Easterbook about how the planet is about to burst into a plume of dust. It's a tough call.

• That Vince Young ... he just finds a way to win! He was unbelievable in yet another win yesterday! Really!

• Not to go all woulda-shoulda on you here, but if the Bills had not suffered those dramatic collapses against Denver and Dallas, they'd be 5-2 right now. And there's no reason they shouldn't win their next two as well. The Jets, on the other hand, are looking at 1-10 going into Dolphins Stadium on December 2. That'll be exciting.

• Man, we could listen to Tiki Barber talk about the 6-2 Giants all day.

• Lord a heavens, the Rams are horrible. Considering this whole Patriots "dynasty" thing began with the 2002 Super Bowl, it might be kind of fun to replay that game, just to see what happens. We're guessing 73-0.


• God, do we have to keep saying this, Coach Smith: BRING. IN. ORTON!