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It's safe to say that Travis Henry's last year or so has been a little rough. Signed by the Denver Broncos before the 2007 season, the former Bills and Titans running back immediately failed a drug test (which he challenged and won), then put up an mediocre 691 yards rushing in 12 games, before being unceremoniously dumped over the summer after Mike Shanahan said he was "too inconsistent as a person." (Ouch. That's a new one.) So he did what any 29-year-old football veteran who realizes his career is over way sooner than he expected would do — he decided to sell some cocaine. DEA agents busted Henry for a "multikilogram cocaine transaction" (that sounds bad) and are holding him "pending the filing of federal drug charges" later today. (That sounds worse.) It's a pretty sudden and unfortunate turn of events for the former Pro Bowler, but hopefully this will be the catalyst that helps him work out that "consistency" problem. • DEA: Former Bronco Henry Allegedly In Cocaine Deal [CBS4 Denver] • Ex-Bronco Henry arrested after alleged cocaine deal [Rocky Mountain News] • Travis Henry [Pro Football Reference]


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