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Former Ravens defensive lineman Terrence Cody was found guilty on misdemeanor charges in Baltimore County Circuit Court Monday after his dog Taz starved to death in January.


Per the Baltimore Sun, Cody, who was released by the Ravens on Feb. 2, was found not guilty of two felony charges of aggravated animal cruelty, but was convicted of five counts of animal abuse or neglect involving Taz. Cody was also found guilty of possession of an alligator, neglect of that alligator, drug paraphernalia possession, and marijuana possession.


From the Sun:

The dog, which once weighed at least 100 pounds, was less than 50 pounds when it died, according to prosecutor Adam Lippe.

“He let this dog starve over more than four weeks,” Lippe said. “In the end, that dog was eating trash and eating bones to survive.”

Lippe said other dogs in Cody’s home were in good condition, but for some reason Cody treated Taz differently.


Cody’s girlfriend, Kourtney Kelley, was found guilty of five counts of neglect involving Taz. They’re both scheduled to be sentenced next January. Each could spend a year in jail and pay fines.

Update (4:35 p.m.): The headline of this post originally said that Cody was convicted of animal cruelty charges, when he was actually convicted of animal abuse and neglect charges. The headline has been corrected.


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