Ex-Teammate: Marshawn Lynch Mulling Retirement

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NFL.com's Michael Robinson, who was teammates with Marshawn Lynch for four seasons in Seattle, went on Seattle sports radio yesterday and said that Lynch hasn't yet decided if he will play next season or retire.

When asked about what might be pushing Lynch toward retirement, Robinson cited the heavy workloads that the running back has shouldered throughout his career:

I think he's considering just how much he can put into it. It's a grind, I don't think people really understand that... think Marshawn is just getting into a point in his life where maybe he wants to enjoy other things in life, maybe other things are becoming important to him.


Robinson is very close to Lynch and probably knows what he's talking about, but there's plenty of time between now and training camp for Lynch to change his mind a few times over.

There's also the possibility that Lynch's coyness is a negotiating tactic. The Seahawks didn't cede much when he held out for a new contract last year, and it would be reasonable for him to be looking for a raise after another season spent as the heart of the team's offense. The Seahawks need Lynch more than he needs them at this point, and the more he can frighten them into thinking he's willing to walk away from it all, the better off he'll be.


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