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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Ex-Tiger Jim Bunning No Longer Welcome In The Motor City After Voting Against Auto Bailout

Illustration for article titled Ex-Tiger Jim Bunning No Longer Welcome In The Motor City After Voting Against Auto Bailout

Jim Bunning is a six-term Congressman and now two-term Senator from the State of Kentucky, but he is also a Major League Baseball Hall of Famer. What's not to love about him?


Even though he is a staunch conservative, Bunning is well liked on both sides of the aisle and fans who remember him from his days on the Tigers and Phillies generally do so with fondness. (He threw a no-hitter for both of them!) That's why this weekend was a typical one for him—hang out in Washington until Friday, maybe vote on a couple of bills, then head out to the heartland and greet his fans. Except this weekend those fans are in Michigan and he just voted against the bill that would have kept the auto industry from going under.

The Gibraltar Trade Center has canceled an appearance by former Detroit Tigers pitcher Jim Bunning at a weekend sports card show after the Kentucky congressman voted against the loan package Thursday night to help Detroit's auto companies.

Bunning is a former Hall of Famer who was a popular draw at the shows. He was set to sell autographs this weekend at the center on Eureka Road in Taylor....

Robert Koester said his father's decision to drop Bunning came within 20 minutes of discovering how he voted on the bailout package.


I guessing letting auto workers lose their jobs and then charging their kids $45 a pop for souvenir balls isn't the savviest political move of his career. The cancellation should be considered a favor, since the crowd would probably prefer to bean him to death with used spark plugs.

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