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Ex-World Sailing Chief Claims He Was Fired For Trying To Move Olympic Racing Out Of Shit-Filled Bay

The sailing events at the 2016 Rio Olympics are currently scheduled to take place in Guanabara Bay, which is full of shit. A German sailor has already been hospitalized after he reportedly contracted MRSA in a training event last August, and experts say “three teaspoons” of the bay’s water will be enough to give 99 percent of people a virus.


Anyway, the chief of World Sailing, Peter Sowrey, claimed to the Guardian that he was pushed out after only five months on the job for attempting to move the venue to a less shitty place. You’d think that proposing that athletes shouldn’t have to compete in a literal toilet would be a relatively uncontroversial proposal, but this is the Olympics, so:

When he first learned of the AP analysis, Sowrey supported the same kind of independent viral testing but he was nudged to support the position adopted by the International Olympic Committee, the World Health Organisation and local organisers; that the bacteria-only testing was sufficient. “I was just stepping on toes,” Sowrey said.


Lovely day for a sail! Why the wind is so—is that a dead body over there?

The Olympics start in August.

Photo via AP


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