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Excuse Our Excretory Humor

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OK, we're going entirely from memory here, since we haven't been able to find anything else about the exchange on the Web, but that's fine, we'd like to take credit for seeing it anyway. It will reveal just how puerile we really are.

So we're watching the end of the Nebraska-Colorado game on Saturday — Nebraska hammered Colorado 30-3, by the way — and the sideline reporter (whose name we have forgotten; sorry) goes up to Nebraska coach Bill Callahan, who has just had a bucket of Gatorade dropped on him. We pick up the exchange there:

Sideline Reporter: Great game, Coach, congratulations.
Callahan: Thanks.
Sideline Reporter: You're covered there, Coach. Was that one of the more satisfying dumps you've ever taken?
Callahan: (blinks) Uh, sure.


Sorry. Poop humor. You understand.

I Had A Feeling About This Game [Scarlet Fever]

(Update: It appears Phil Mushnick noticed this as well, which makes us feel about 45 percent dumber.)

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