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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Welcome to Tuesday Night Fights, a weekly celebration and analysis of street-fight videos found on YouTube. Tonight's fisticuffs: "Fight!!! Mayhem in Section 328: Why not to wear Red Sox Gear in Yankee Stadium: Round 1 and 2." Tonight's commentator: "David Smith," a seat-shifting fan with a cam and penchant for finding lady fights in the Bronx.

As a Yankees fan with plans of returning to the stadium, Smith isn't David Smith's real last name. But in exchange for breaking down what he saw, and what you may have seen here over the weekend, anonymity was exchanged.


I arrived in the sixth inning to those seats. Was sitting in another section higher up. When I got there, it was the usual banter back and forth. Lots of "Boston Sucks" chants, a few jabs at the Texas Rangers (one of the three girls was wearing a Rangers hat); the occasional peanut and/or garbage thrown in their general direction.

The Red Sox chick finally had enough when someone hit her with something. She turned around and REALLY started jawing back with the chick who eventually karate kicked her and her crew. That's when I started filming.


Quick thinking. Good thinking.

Security was there, but was just observing when it was obviously escalating.

After the first video, security led Red Sox chick away, presumably to either escort her out and to get her some medical attention.


Obviously, this whole escorting-away didn't work for all that long, what with there being a Part II installment.

A good five minutes pass and she storms back out of nowhere, apparently escaping security to make her second halfhearted attack.

When it was just banter back and forth, it wasn't anything out of the ordinary. People were watching the game.

Once the screaming back and forth happened, people around the incident started paying attention to them. Kind of like watching a train wreck. Red Sox chick was obviously drunk. People were wondering why security didn't intervene when she started inching up the stairs.

When 'The Kick' happened, the only other reaction I've seen people have that was similar was watching people react to 'Two Girls One Cup.' Shock. Dismay.


Um, shock and dismay at Two Girls One Cup? C'mon, bro. That's just art.

And now, the rest of your Tuesday Night Fights:

• At one point, one roomy gal seems to be horseback riding a roomier gal, but instead of reins and whatnot, she's crushing foe's face wit' fist. Then, there's, like, almost-exposed breastuses and fully exposed stomachses. Also, fucking-hoopster intervention. (Start of violence, 0:00)


• A bunch of bros. A chair thrown. A funnel shown. Attempted frisbee to face. Sand kicked. Blood. And, a "Fuck Mexico" chant. (SoV; 0:07)

• A bunch of bros. On boats. In a fight which tipster Righteous Dewd dubbed "Havasu Meets Bushwood." (SoV, instantly)


• HD quality footage of a scrappy brawl at Darling Harbor in Sydney, Australia. (SoV, 0:02; SoDancing, 0:41; RestartoV, 2:15)

• Your Really Horrible Street-Fracas-Turned-Hit-And-Run Near-Snuff-Film Commercial Break:

• "Group fight after club," which YouTuber smoove82 defines as, "was walkin to the car and they were tearing it down, enjoy lol." (SoV, instantly)


• This probably isn't the type of product placement El Rio Grande Restaurant was looking for, what with its appearance in the "Funkytown Fight (Southside)" film. (SoV, 0:10)

• Dude's a one-man wrecking crew. (SoV, 0:02)

• This here's called "Street Fight in public." As opposed to those noted melees on private streets. (SoV, instantly)


• Here's the back story: "Girl talking trash via Facebook gets taught a lesson. Screams 'Don't touch me' then gets touched." (SoV, 0:06)

• Your "Straight Men vs Trannies Brawl" Interlude:

• This week's "Pack of Foreigners Attacks Another Pack of Foreigners" installment pits the Lille Hooligans vs. the PSG Hooligans. (SoV, 0:04)


• It seems as if "urban youths" got into a brawl at a carnival in Michigan. This, of course, runs counter to the local reporter's stance that "carnivals are supposed to be fun." And, oh, how they are. Eight Mile! (SoV, news report, involving references to hurting ribs and Taco Bell)

• Rumble! (SoV, instantly)

• Here's cinematographer Eddie's breakdown of "Employ fight at whataburger" ...

Well, we get there to eat "desoto" and we are the only customers and there is a pregnant lady working along with the Mexican guy and the manager. While we are eating, the pregnant women steps out to smoke, and the black employee in walks in.

Next thing we know the Mexican guy is trying to fight the black guy and keeps telling him "pop it off nigga, pop it off" and we think he might have been late, but not sure. The black guy was smiling and calm the entire time and even looked at us. And while this shit talking is happening the manager is behind them looking away and not trying to stop it or saying anything he even gets bumped into a couple of times.

Then the black guy says "You gonna make me do this right here? I just got to work!" The Mexican keeps telling him to pop it off, so I start recording and the black guy puts his stuff down and goes off on the Mexican guy.

As you can tell the camera looked away sometimes and that's because I didn't want him to come at me after I recorded him get beat up. But once they started fighting the manager finally stepped in, not sure what all happened in the back where I couldn't see But it was loud like they were all wrestling.

Once it was over, you can't really tell from the video, but his face was red in multiple spots, it was obvious he got beat up.

The manager and the lady told them to leave. The Mexican leaves first and the black guy still smiling with no bruises apologizes to us and I tell him I got it all on video he comes and watches it, still breathing hard and adrenaline flowing. But still laughing and asks me to sent it to him.

He gave me a number to a friend who has an iPhone I sent it, but I no longer have the number.


• Ashanti and Shanice apparently come to blows over their differing opinions on LeBron James's hairline. Or something. (SoV, 0:40)

• Others:"Natsy Sexy Girl Fight at Gas Station." "Light vs dark skin girl fight in front high school." "School fight." "Mexican vs. black nm." "Missionary fight!" "Girl getting beat up & Security didn't even break it up." "sick street fight! 2 guys and a girl! (3 of 4) and then cops show up!." "White Boy Beats Up A Black Kid At His BBQ & His Brother Gets The White Boy Back!"


• The "Vegas Strip Hooker Brawl" Coda:

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