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Facebook Fandom Map Shows Who We're Rooting For In The NHL Playoffs

Just in time for the postseason, Facebook has put together this map showing which of the remaining 16 NHL teams are favored in each American state and Canadian province and territory.

(Click the magnifying glass in the Bering Strait to enlarge.)

It's done by a plurality of "likes" of the teams' official Facebook pages, so it's hardly scientific. But it is interesting!

  • The Blackhawks and Red Wings split the Midwest and South, more or less along an east-west axis. States without a team of their own generally belong to the closest franchise—The Peguins rule the Mid-Atlantic, the Avalanche take the Rockies.
  • The great ethical dilemma of our time—should a Canadian fan root for the only Canadian team left, even it's the Habs?—seems to be answered with a yes. Every polling station save Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and the Northwest Territories are pulling for Montreal more than any other single team.
  • The Sharks take California, with the Kings and Ducks presumably splitting the more-populated Southern part of the state.
  • With the Devils out, New Jersey spurns the Rangers in favor of the Flyers.
  • The Lightning, Stars, Blues, Blue Jackets, and Rangers win only their home states.

Catch anything else interesting?

[via Sporting News]


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