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Fake Gary Bettman Twitter Account Outs Gary Bettman's Two Remaining Fans

Last night a Twitter account purporting to be NHL commissioner Gary Bettman popped up. While the account turned out to be fake, many believed it at first, both because @Commish_Gary was Bettman's handle before he wisely deleted it pre-lockout, and because the impostor played it straight, tweeting just once about the "worlds [sic] greatest fans."

While a cursory search for @Commish Gary's @ mentions revealed an expected amount of vitriol, it also revealed the last improbable supporters of the widely-reviled commissioner. Unsurprisingly, they both appear to be one of those jealous athlete-haters, who likes to yell "Let's trade jobs for a week, you greedy jerk!" at his TV.


That last one really smacks of "Good job, good effort."

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