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Family Members Of UFC Icon Matt Hughes Took Out Restraining Orders After He Allegedly Attacked His Wife And Nephew

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Multiple relatives of UFC hall of famer Matt Hughes recently were granted restraining orders against the retired fighter, Montgomery County (Illinois) court records show. Hughes’s wife Audra asked the court in December for a protective order mandating Hughes to stay 500 feet away from her, and it was granted in January. That order was extended today, along with a similar warrant legally barring Hughes from coming near his brother Mark. TMZ first reported the news.

According to TMZ, Audra Hughes says that shortly after Hughes came home from the hospital after he was hit by a train in June 2017, he attacked her in the shower after she refused to give him his truck keys. Hughes apparently “snapped ... choked her — and asked her for the code to his gun vault.” When she refused, he allegedly bashed her head against the shower wall.


Audra Hughes also accused her husband of threatening to shoot her in June 2018 and hitting her in front of their kids and her father in December 2018. The December incident prompted Audra to file for a protective order. Court records also show that Hughes filed for divorce earlier this month.

Hughes’s twin brother Mark, a fellow UFC vet, also was granted a protective order after Hughes allegedly “roughed up” Mark’s 15-year-old son. The alleged attack was sparked by a dispute between the brothers over who owned a tractor, and Matt is accused of snapping after he saw Mark’s son riding on it. Mark also “alleges that Matt doused the tractor and its surrounding area in gasoline.” Both protective orders have been extended until May 9.

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