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Famous Guy To Become Slightly Less Famous

Oscar De La Hoya "retired" today, which is what boxers do while they wait for someone to offer them $20 million for their once-in-a-lifetime comeback payday. He will be missed?

De La Hoya led a remarkable career, I guess, even though I cannot recall a single memorable thing that he did at any point in his life, besides maybe winning a gold medal at the Olympics (Atlanta? Barcelona?) and wearing fishnets. I'm not a boxing expert, obviously, but I assume that every one of his important fights was broadcast on pay-per-view or a cable channel that I did not get, which it means it might as well not have happened. I still miss Wide World of Sports. Anyway, congratulations on a job ... done.


Emotional De La Hoya announces retirement [Reuters]

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Well, gang, that it's for me. I'm off the rest of the week (immigration issues), but I'm sure there will be capable hands to guide you gently into the mid-April swing. Or maybe chaos will rule the day and the whole world will burn. Either way, my conscious is clear.

Thank you for your continued support of bears and Bear-related comedy.

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