A woman at tonight’s Athletics-Red Sox game left on a stretcher when she was reportedly hit in the face with a bat shard during Brett Lawrie’s plate appearance in the second inning. The game was delayed so medical staff could tend to her.


A reader at the game sent video of medical staff wheeling the woman off the field. As a warning, the clip’s unpleasant. You’ll see blood and hear screaming:

The A’s broadcast acknowledged the injury:

Update (8:37 p.m.): Via AP photographer Charles Krupa, here’s a photo of the staff tending to the woman.


Update (9:45 p.m.): Per the Boston Globe, the woman was taken to Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center with life-threatening injuries. She was sitting with her son.

Update (11:15 p.m.): The Globe’s story now states that the woman was not sitting with her husband, only her son. The previous update has been edited to reflect that change.


Update (1:21 p.m., June 6): The Boston Globe reports that police told them the woman is in “serious but stable” at the hospital. They added that she is expected to survive.

A fan at the game, who says that he was sitting just a few feet away from the woman, has sent along the following picture that he took during Lawrie’s at-bat. It shows just how close to the batter the woman was, and how she was barely out of range of the protective netting.


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