Fan Who Attacks Professional Wrestler Gets Slammed, Destroyed

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This gem of a video comes from Cape Town, Africa, where Ananzi fought Shane Koen in a WWP pro wrestling match on July 4. Koen, a Cape Town local, is an old and beloved wrestler, so the fans were pulling for him. One apparently wanted Koen to win so badly that he decided to take it upon himself to climb up Ananzi's back and put the wrestler in a rear naked choke. This was a bad idea.

That's because Ananzi, like most professional wrestlers, is a premier athlete in that he is large and heavily-muscled and nimble, and has at least some training in assorted martial arts. So it wasn't much of a shock to anyone when Ananzi lifted the fan over his shoulder and slammed him on the ground like a 25-pound sack of mulch, and began to stomp the living shit out him.


This, friends, is entertainment. If rear-naked-choke-by-fan ever happened—hell, if there was ever even a threat of it happening—in the United States, I would immediately quit, pack up, and spend the rest of my natural life driving from from arena to arena around the the country, attending every single episode of Monday Night Raw. It'd be worth it.