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Fans Dress In KKK Hoods At A North Dakota High School Hockey Game, Coach Calls It "Pretty Tacky"

And that was the better response from a school administrator. Someone is either very handy with the Photoshop and committed to making North Dakota-area high schoolers look bad, or there are some extreeemely intolerant and/or stupid North Dakota-area high schoolers. From The Grand Forks Herald:

A photo appearing to show Grand Forks Red River High School hockey fans dressed in white hoods and robes similar to those of the Ku Klux Klan surfaced on the social media site Twitter on Friday evening.

The photo, taken by UND student Shane Schuster during Red River's state semifinal game against Fargo Davies, shows a section of fans wearing white clothing and white face paint. In the center, three fans wear white robes and pointed hoods.

"I guess the red river highschoolers are racist?" Schuster tweeted with the picture.

Mark Rerick, Grand Forks Public Schools athletic director, and Red River head coach Bill Chase declined to comment on the incident.

Fargo Public Schools Athletic Director Todd Olson, who is the former athletic director for Grand Forks Public Schools, did not attend Friday's hockey game, instead he was attending a Davies High basketball game, in which his son played.

Olson said late Friday he had not seen the photo but all-white garb is generally an accepted part of the white-outs.

"To be very honest, I think you're looking for something that is not there," Olson said.


That is very honest, in a sense!

Davies Head Coach Brian Davidson said he noticed the white-out dressed fans but had not seen students in hoods.

Davidson said he did not expect any rival teams to dress in a way that could resemble the Ku Klux Klan.

"That's pretty tacky," he said. "No, not in today's days, c'mon."

A bit of faux-pas, you might say, no? If this were a different time, sure, but in 2013, expect a minor rebuke for wearing your Klan hood to the hockey game. Then be pleasantly surprised when it never comes.

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