European national teams are competing in Euro 2016 qualifiers today, and so the tiny, sucky nation Wales were tasked with traveling to the smaller, suckier nation of Andorra today. Wales are bad, but they were supposed to win comfortably. Still, it took an 81st-minute free kick from superstar Gareth Bale to give Wales the late, 2-1 lead. That's when the Welsh fans in attendance got wild.

Hoards of pasty white dudes rushed out of the stands and onto the turf field to celebrate, knocking over the ad boards in one corner on the way. They were so hyped that Bale had to stop celebrating to be like, whoa chill, guys.


That's because when I say Andorra suck, I mean they really suck. Before today, Andorra hadn't scored in a competition since Sept. 7, 2010, against Ireland. There last goal they scored as a team was in a friendly against Moldova, over a year ago.

Wales, on the other hand, have two of the greatest players in the world in Bale and Arsenal's Aaron Ramsey, all of which is to say: c'mon.