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Fantasy Baseball, Grunge Style

East Windup Chronicle has dug up an extremely amusing article from The New York Times in 1992. The headline pretty much tells you all you need: "Personal Computers; fantasy baseball's dream teams." Totally!

Yes, those olden days when we hoped these new-fangled computing machines could make it easier to access fantasy baseball stats and pornography. Please, make the days of scanning USA Today box scores and being forced to pay for JUGGS end! Oh, technology, thank you for never disappointing us!


Money quote:

Each night, after the real games are concluded, statistics are gathered and games are "played" in Prodigy's mainframe and personal computers in White Plains, N.Y. The computers keep track of hundreds of leagues, thousands of teams and tens of thousands of statistics each night.

Prodigy! They would charge 25 cents for every email sent per month past the 25-message limit. Those were the days.

Old Style Fantasy Baseball [East Wind Up Chronicle]

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