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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Fare Thee Well, Texas Stadium

Illustration for article titled Fare Thee Well, Texas Stadium

If you're the type of individual with feelings for structures in which sporting events take place, then today has been a rather emotionally draining day.


First, the demise of the RCA Dome, and now Texas Stadium's last regular season game. It's almost too much to take, really.


After 37 years, the 'Boys will play their 313th game in the Stadium; it'll be the very first for the Ravens (the only NFL team that's never paid its respects to the "Hole in the Roof"). Dallas and Baltimore - both 9-5 on the season - will also be playing for their playoff lives. There's a very good chance that the loser of tonight's matchup will be watching the postseason like the rest of us.

An elaborate postgame ceremony is planned in honor of the stadium, during which a bunch of former and current Cowboy players and coaches are supposed to walk across the famous star at midfield.

I don't know about you, but a part of me secretly wishes that someone decks T.O. when it's his turn to cross the star.

It's a time for goodbyes at Texas Stadium for Dallas Cowboys [Dallas Morning News]

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