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During this weekend’s Alabama-Florida State game, a pair of rowdy Alabama fans got into a nasty-looking fight in the stands of the Falcons stadium. Officers responded to reports of a fight in the 120/121 section of the stadium at around 11 p.m. local time. According to an incident report obtained by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Charles Kraver Sr. got into an argument with Lynda Soundara regarding the game, and that at some point, his son Charles Kraver Jr. allegedly choked her and slammed her onto the ground. She says she was punched in the face after that and had to be taken to the hospital by local EMTs. Two men tried to break up the fight and one says he was choked by Kraver Sr., while the other says he was punched by both father and son.

Fans in the stands captured video of the fight.

Fulton County Sherriff’s Department records show that the Kravers were booked on battery charges after the game and released after posting bond. Here’s the incident report.


The year of the Large Adult Son marches on, apparently.

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