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Alabama sophomore Courtney Upshaw and his girlfriend were both arrested and charged with domestic violence/harassment last night—and the father of the girl is not happy. After all, it's completely his daughter's fault for picking on that poor linebacker.

Campus cops apparently witnessed some sort of scuffle between Upshaw and Kendall Grzyb, a 19-year-old U of A student, so they hauled the two lovebirds in for a night in jail. But Father of the Year Dave Grzyb is operating under the assumption that his own child is the one who should be blamed.

I hate to see this guy get in too much trouble because I honestly think it was probably initiated by my daughter. I don't think he laid a hand on her. He just tried to restrain her to keep from getting hit again."


Yeah, that's probably what happened. You know how women are, right? Or maybe Upshaw "chase[d] down Grzyb" and then "grabbed [her] by the back of the neck and hair with his right hand and pushed her downward in what appeared to be an attempt to push her to the ground." Because that's what the police report says. So maybe we should go with that one?

To be fair, Grzyb did slap Upshaw first and then storm off after seeing him talking to another female. (Dames!) And she's probably stronger than a Division I linebacker—he's only second string!—so clearly he had to chase her down and defend himself. What concerned father wouldn't throw his own daughter under the bus to protect a helpless football player in that situation?


Now maybe if this had happened in March, he could have let it slide, but Papa Grzyb doesn't need this kind of distraction during two-a-days.

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