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Father Of The Year Leaves Son In Hot Car To Watch UFC At Sports Bar

To be fair, UFC 117 was pretty awesome. Awesome enough to warrant abandoning your 6-year-old in a parking lot, while you eat wings and drink pitchers? We say: probably.

Donald Rombough is in deep doo-doo, after he took his son along to the bar after "he wanted to leave the boy with his grandmother but couldn't."


When they arrived, the kid was asleep, and Rombough didn't want to wake him, so he left him in the pickup truck while he went inside. (We're not just assuming it was a pickup truck, the report actually says that. [Although we had assumed it before we read it.])

Witnesses saw the kid "crying hysterically," and called the cops. EMS arrived to treat him, and he said he had been in the car for 90 minutes.

Minutes later, Rombough walked out of Stevie Tomato's, told witnesses that his son had only been alone for 20 minutes, then said he had to get back inside the bar because he had food waiting, the report said.


The kicker: the boy said his dad left him alone in the car earlier in the day, at a Hooters.

No wait, the real kicker: police found a pipe and a baggie of marijuana in the car when they let the boy out.


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