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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Favre-esque Goat Led To Slaughter In Trunk Of A Car

Illustration for article titled Favre-esque Goat Led To Slaughter In Trunk Of A Car

Mechanics in Minnesota were slightly alarmed this weekend when a woman came in for a new fan belt and then announced that she had a live goat—that was also a effigy of Brett Favre—in her trunk.


The woman told the mechanics that she planned to take the goat to St. Paul and then slaughter it, but decided she need a quick tune up in Winona, Minnesota, first. That's over 100 miles away from her destination. She left the car for service—with the goat still in the trunk—and when mechanics opened it up they saw that the goat had been painted purple and had a No. 4 shaved into its side. Then about an hour later, they realized that this was odd behavior and called animal control.

It is not known at this time if the woman was planning to kill the goat as a sacrifice to the new Viking chieftain or as part of some psychotic Packer vengeance ritual. Winona is on the Wisconsin border, so it's possible the woman in question is a Cheesehead. However, there is concern that her brain may actually be made of cheese, because her skull is obviously pretty soft. What kind of lunatic puts a live goat in a trunk like they're in some farmland version of Goodfellas? Come on, Midwest. This isn't helping your cause.


By the way, the animal was confiscated and turned over to a vet for foster care, sparing him his humiliating fate.

Everyone has handled the Brett Favre comeback differently. Some weep, some curse ... and some paint a live goat purple and gold, shave a "4" on it and then drive it 150 miles to cut its throat before the gods of football. Whatever gets you through the night.

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