Favre's "Gunslinger" Rating In Madden Is Off The Charts

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OK fanboys, fess up. When you heard a certain QB was joining the Vikings, the first thing you wondered was what his ratings in Madden will be. Here's your answer, plus Favre's ratings on a few hypothetical categories.


Both Favre and Michael Vick were added to Madden 10 yesterday. Vick is the fastest QB in the game, and his 73 overall rating puts him second on the depth chart in Philadelphia, as it probably should be.

Favre, meanwhile, instantly becomes the Viking's starter, with an 82 overall, while Sage Rosenfels and Tarvaris Jackson each come in at 69. Which is appropriate, considering they're just going to have to be sucking each other's dicks on the sideline while Favre hurls another interception.

Michael Rand of the Star Tribune had a little chat with EA's "Rating Czar" Donny Moore, and we learn that Favre does indeed possess some intangibles:

RB: I know you are locked into set rating categories, but if you had to go off the grid, what do you think his "Gunslinger" rating would be?

DM: He'd still have that. I'd call that … it's more of a tendency. Favre would probably be 99. I don't know a better gunslinger in the league.

RB: How about his "Looks like a kid just having fun out there" rating?

DM: Oh, man. Or his attention-getting rating. That would be off the chart, 100.

In a neat addition this year, player ratings will change with the weekly roster updates. So look for his "giving a shit" rating to crater sometime in November.

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