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FCC Chairman Is On Board With David Ortiz's F-Bomb

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We brought you video (you can see it here) of David Ortiz speaking to the Fenway crowd during yesterday's Boston Marathon remembrance/reminder to stay strong before the Red Sox game.

In it, David Ortiz caused a bit of a stir when he told the crowd "This is our fucking city and no body is going to dictate our freedom." He said after the game that the "fucking" was not premeditated and that "it just came out."

I know what you are thinking, though. What does the FCC have to say about all this fucking on cable television?


While NESN might be outside its jurisdiction, the FCC also regulates the radio, which presumably carried this portion of the pre-game ceremony as well. So those stations could perhaps have faced a fine, but chairman Julius Genachowski (from Brookline, Mass.)—and by virtue of his tweet, the FCC—is on board. Luckily for everyone involved, Genochowski still has not made good on his recent resignation in which he announced he would be leaving the Commission "in the near future."

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