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All right, I initially highlighted the mischievousness of sports blogs to preface you all with some of the goodness sportsbloggery can achieve in life. The blog U.S.S. Mariner wrote an open letter to Seattle Mariners pitching coach Rafael Chavez, wherein he mentions how Felix Hernandez throws way too many fastballs, a chronic condition known as Farnsworth Syndrome. Well, Chavez showed the actual letter/report to Hernandez, who heeded the advice. And it worked.


Rather than establish his fastball by throwing it a ton, Hernandez mixed in a few breaking balls against the Oakland A's en route to an eight-inning, two-hit, zero-run effort. The A's won 4-0.

What this means for Hernandez is that he can now learn to pitch, rather than just try to throw right by opposing batters. What this means for the rest of us, however, is that through the majesty of the Internet, we have rejuvenated hope in getting our advice through to our favorite athletes, in the hope that they will no longer suck.

• "Dear Rafael Betancourt, when you get the signal from the catcher, try to throw the ball as soon as possible, rather than trying to remember all the words to 'Werewolves of London.' "
• "Dear Greg Oden, you know how when you reach your arm into the ballhandler's torso? Yeah, that's a foul."
• "Dear Carl Edwards, we're not at all impressed that you're leading the points in the NASCAR Busch Series. Just concentrate on the Nextel Cup, wouldya?"
• "Dear Vince Young, you still have a lot to learn about being a quarterback."

Hey! Merril Hoge, how did you get into my post?

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