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The Cubs have suffered a spate of unfortunate and somewhat bizarre injuries already this spring. Alfonso Soriano has a fractured finger. Jose Ascanio had a bruised face after getting punched in a robbery attempt. Mark DeRosa was hospitalized with an irregular heartbeat. But none has a painful tale as twisted as poor outfielder Felix Pie.

That's right: Pie missed a couple of early games because of a twisted testicle. 100% Injury Rate, aptly named to take up this task, exhumes some of the more freakish injuries athletes have suffered over the years.

Among them:

  • Sacramento Kings rookie Lionel Simmons missed some games during the 1991 season when he developed tendinitis in his right wrist from playing too many video games, primarily the Nintendo GameBoy.
  • Wade Boggs injured his back while trying to pull on cowboy boots.
  • Back in the 70s, Norwegian International defender Svein Grondalen had to withdraw from an International after an accident which happened while he was out jogging. He collided with a moose.
  • Soccer player David Seaman once broke a bone reaching for his TV remote