Fernando Tatis Jr. Is The Most Powerful Of All The Baseball Sons

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Photo: Denis Poroy (Getty)

This has been the year of the baseball sons. Vlad Jr. and his tremendous rump have been around since April, and some big taters have been mashed. Bo Bichette and his feathered locks joined the fray about two weeks ago, and he has been a delight. Cavan Biggio has been... around... doing stuff. However! No baseball son we’ve seen this season has been as powerful and spectacular as Fernando Tatis Jr.

Would you like to see Tatis Jr. make a really cool baseball play? Here you go!


Tatis Jr. has been doing stuff like this, both in the field and at the plate, all season. He’s currently hitting .315/.378/.591 with 22 homers, and he makes a dazzling defensive play just about every game. And he’s doing this all as a rookie! At just 20 years old! While playing one of the most valuable positions in the game!

I’m slightly embarrassed that we do not have a deeper trove of Tatis Jr. highlights on this site, so please enjoy this highlight package from last week, wherein Tatis Jr. spends nine innings busting up the Rockies from all parts of the field:


The Powerful Baseball Son crown belongs to Tatis Jr. until further notice.